Online domino games

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Online domino gamesDo you want to play dominoes on your computer for free? Open a collection of board games LiveGames, there will certainly be this intellectual fun.

According to legend, this entertainment was invented by the abbot Domino, grieved by the ban on card games behind the monastery walls. According to another version, the travelers brought to Europe a game that was fond of in China and India, and the Italians changed the rules to their liking (in the Chinese version, the knuckles are white and red, and there are no pacifiers at all). Naming was given by analogy with masquerade black and white suits. These suits, in turn, resembled white cloaks with black hoods worn by Dominican monks.

Thus, this desktop entertainment is more than two centuries old. In the Soviet era, practically in every yard, black knuckles were banging into white specks. But now everything is heard less often in the yards loudly: “Fish!”. After all, most fans of dominoes board games online without registration. http://www.miniclipgamez.com/categories/23/board.html

Classic, Donkey or Goat?

Play online domino gamesStart playing online dominoes for free on LiveGames – it’s easy:

Come into the game (registration on the site is not necessary, you can use the account to log in to the social network).
Choose the Domino and Backgammon section.

In front of you – options for dominoes for online players. This is an option with classic rules and a couple more popular varieties – Goat and Donkey. The goat is the most popular variation. The donkey is more dynamic.
If you are not too well versed in ass-goat nuances, read the rules, they can be found right there, on LiveGames.
Determined with a choice? All you can start playing a board game for free.

Free online domino gamesTo play online dominoes without registration you will be with real opponents. This is much more interesting than with artificial intelligence! Perhaps in the process of choosing opponents it turns out that you have not enough points to enter into a fight with serious rivals who prefer high stakes. In this case, you can buy the domestic currency – gold. Or invite friends to join, in this case you will earn points that can be used for bets.


RPG games online – free to play in browser games in the genre RPG

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Play RPG games online

Play RPG games online on the platform RBK Games – the best pastime for all fans of this genre. Today, there is already no interest in playing RPG offline games, as it is boring and fairly predictable. No offline adventure can compare with the games on our platform for either interest or for the story. With us you can absolutely play for free in online RPG games at any time of the day and enjoy uninterrupted pleasure without lags and other inconveniences.

For example, the browser RPG online League of Angels. First of all, a detailed drawing of not only the main characters, but the whole world, is cast into the eyes. Few people immediately believe that this is not an advertising move. Your character will really look so realistic and beautiful that you do not even want to let him into the fight so that he is not accidentally injured. The plot line is constantly changing, and it is impossible to predict what will happen next. Save the Angels, recruit the very best mercenaries, pump your character to defeat other players in the arena during the battle, and once again you will be able to make sure that playing browser RPG games online is exciting and exciting.

RPG games for ios

Another recommendation is Demon Slayer. The plot will take you to the world of beautiful fantasy, where you must become a real assassin for demons. At your disposal there will be a whole city where you will be able to deal with everyday affairs, for example, a farm. However, your main destination – demons, who constantly terrorize cities, capture beautiful girls, whom you also have to release from captivity.

Playing online RPG games for free is your chance to become one of the best heroes on our platform. After all, we exist not only for the sake of you simply playing, we constantly hold championships and competitions, where you put your fighters in the arena and prove to the whole world that you are the best of the best.

The RPG world is fascinating and interesting

Free online miniclips games in the genre RPG – one of the most popular genres among gamers around the world. And here we can not disagree. After all, this is a huge world where people live, elves, angels, demons, undead and other races. Much nicer when you see a beautiful fantasy world before your eyes, and your character is a beautiful warrior. She is gentle, she is beautiful, she is the embodiment of the most feminine, but behind all this lies a real hero who is not afraid of any demons, in spite of their size and capabilities.

Pay attention to the game Call of Gods. A distinctive feature of this RPG is the friendship between people, elves and undead. And what if the demons are so strong that it’s better to forget about internal strife and unite all forces against the external aggressor? You have a unique chance to choose one of the three races and prove to everyone that no demon has a right to rage on your land.

RPG on the RBK Games platform

Free RPG games onlineFree to play a browser RPG game online is much easier when you choose the right platform. RBK Games will give you this opportunity. Our selection is the dream of many, the best from the game world, all the most popular. Our users are the best gamers, and they proved it many times, fighting in the most difficult battles. We have the most beautiful characters, looking at which the heart freezes.

Choose the right entertainment, because it may happen that the essence is like, but over time the plot lost its meaning, and a lot of time was spent on the pumping. This will never happen if you play RPG games for free on our platform. We always make sure that our users do not experience any discomfort associated with access or hangs. Play in browser RPG strategy at a time when the platform is unavailable, when it is so overloaded that everything lags, you will agree that it is, to put it mildly, unpleasant. But with us you can forget about all this and enjoy the wonderful gameplay and excellent graphics.


Review of online games Stick War Legacy

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Play Stick War Legacy online

Wars of stick people are popular, which is not going to disappear in the near future. Today we will consider the Stick War Legacy and the combat units used in it to achieve the goals. Thanks to the review, you will create an army with invincible units and conquer all rivals. You can download the game Stick War Legacy android for free.

The goal is simple, but the way is complicated

Especially intricate gameplay is not called. At the end of the map is an enemy statue, which must be destroyed by any means. It will take a powerful army to achieve this goal. And the army can not be created without resources. Resources are mined by miners who are hired by the player himself. Once the warriors are assembled, you can start a battle. http://sochi-games-2014.info

There are three strategies:

defense, when units are guarded, and miners are actively working;
attack – the miners continue to work, but the troops go ahead;
reinforced defense – the miners and troops are hiding, and archers go to the castle wall.Play games for free Successfully passing the level, you can get gems and glasses to improve the skill of the units. The soundtrack, by the way, is quite good and even funny.

Variety of troops

There are several varieties of warriors.

The first to come to the disposal will be duboloms – at the initial levels of the game will have to fight only them. These are the weakest units after miners, but in the future they can be improved.
Archers are long-range units, well manifested in the battle against hulking enemies. True, in close combat, they are easily demolished by the lunar and grenade launchers.
Yarmarkniki are considered a simple fighting unit. They have the optimal parameters for the army – speed, power, protection. And the cost of yarometnikov pleasantly pleases. But only to hire them will have a lot, because only the crowd will be able to demolish an opponent.
The spoilers are a better level than the yarometnikov in terms of protection and strength, but the speed of attack and running is worse for them. Therefore, it is better not to use them for a quick attack, but to hold for special moments when you need to tank.

New online games
Ubimagi have the ability to call assistants. In their essence, they are the loudspeakers with lower parameters, but in large quantities they exceed them. Even the kills have a stun spell – it deals damage to the enemy. Several such units must necessarily be present on the battlefield.
Inhabitants of deserted lands are the most expensive combat units, but also the slowest. The inhibition is compensated by excellent health and powerful damage. At the first collision with these giants, it is better to use a bundle of a pair of yarometnikov and several archers. While the infantry of melee distracts the monster, the arrows will quickly destroy it. Any other tactics will be doomed to failure, because the “inhabitants” will break through the defense and quickly demolish the statue.

Summing up

Stick War Legacy – an excellent strategy with a sufficient selection of troops, interesting levels and a thoughtful system of pumping. Ideas developers implemented competently, optimization deserves praise.

On the Internet, there are common hacked versions with cheats and mods. Anyone can download them. The hacked game gives the gamer a lot of money – unlimited gold reserves, ensuring maximum pumping and allowing you to forget about the economy. For lovers of fierce confrontations is the thing. But fans of the genre hacked Stick War Legacy will not appreciate.


Review of online games Zombie Defense

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Play game Zombie Defense

Rarely on Google Play you can find a really good RTS, which is not a pity to spend your precious free time. The choice in this genre is excellent, but projects are riveted one after another, containing cliches and similar ideas. Particularly commonplace are products on the theme of the apocalypse, also with zombies. But there is among the heap of rubbish real treasure – Zombie Defense (not a shooter, which is also in the store under the same name). The review on it is brought to your attention.

Non-standard solution

Play free games 2017Having entered the game, you will see the old kind killing of opponents, with which live dead live here. It is necessary to destroy as many walking monsters as possible. Everything is submitted in a real-time strategy format – a bold move that justified itself. Most are used to shooting “zombies” in person, from the first person, in the thick of events. But now thanks to Zombie Defense you can look at everything from the side, pumping your soldiers and their fortifications. The only thing is, it’s impossible to give out orders for an attack – units shoot automatically. So, the actions are partially chained.

Campaign and some features

At each of the locations presented, of which there are many, there are waves of the dead, the least of which must be survived for victory. After going through a minimum, you will not receive any privileges (stars, etc.), but the path to further missions will open. The campaign itself is a textual explanation of the goal – to destroy the dead and create a safe zone.

At first, the game will not seem too slow, because you have to spend a lot of time learning, getting used to mechanics, studying the characteristics of soldiers and weapons. But over time, skills will improve, and all this will happen on the machine. A minute later, the tactical arrangements will simply have to sit and long / tediously watch the movement of a crowd of sluggish carcasses. Fortunately, there is a time acceleration function – by default, three times, but you can buy an improvement up to five times the acceleration.

Arsenal and what they destroy

From the arsenal in Zombie Defense are living and non-living combat units. The turret belongs to the non-living. Live is:

the rest of the elite.
The turret is the most powerful – it easily carries live meat, not giving the chance to the opponent to break through the defense. Especially convenient when the turret is automated. Turrets can be fire, machine gun, laser, freezing. The choice is sufficient, defense schemes can be great. The only thing, there are crawling on the ground ghouls, which most turrets do not see. Saves the situation of Tesla-tower, beating current and lifting zombies on their feet. The main advantage of turrets is that the enemy does not attack them – those who want to suck the brain attack only people.

Zombie Defense for freeIf you already want to download Zombie Defense on android, know that the opponents will be quite a lot. Basically, the crowd consists of ordinary walking corpses, but there are also their more dangerous varieties – sprinters, runners, throwers. Do not forget about the bosses – the armored approach the person closely and beat him, and throwers attack with acid from a distance. This should be taken into account when building tactics. Well, there are secondary opponents in the form of zombie birds and zombies.

The implementation is successful

The interest of Zombie Defense lies in the fact that here you can spend a lot of time pumping and passing tasks on various difficulties. Disadvantage can be called a fixed pop-up advertisement in the form of a banner. And the voice acting could be better. But these are trifles in comparison with the chips listed in the review.

On the Internet offer to download the hacked Zombie Defense, in which the mod is installed on a lot of money, or cheats and trainers. Such programs are dangerous for the device and can harm it.

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