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Wars of stick people are popular, which is not going to disappear in the near future. Today we will consider the Stick War Legacy and the combat units used in it to achieve the goals. Thanks to the review, you will create an army with invincible units and conquer all rivals. You can download the game Stick War Legacy android for free.

The goal is simple, but the way is complicated

Especially intricate gameplay is not called. At the end of the map is an enemy statue, which must be destroyed by any means. It will take a powerful army to achieve this goal. And the army can not be created without resources. Resources are mined by miners who are hired by the player himself. Once the warriors are assembled, you can start a battle. http://sochi-games-2014.info

There are three strategies:

defense, when units are guarded, and miners are actively working;
attack – the miners continue to work, but the troops go ahead;
reinforced defense – the miners and troops are hiding, and archers go to the castle wall.Play games for free Successfully passing the level, you can get gems and glasses to improve the skill of the units. The soundtrack, by the way, is quite good and even funny.

Variety of troops

There are several varieties of warriors.

The first to come to the disposal will be duboloms – at the initial levels of the game will have to fight only them. These are the weakest units after miners, but in the future they can be improved.
Archers are long-range units, well manifested in the battle against hulking enemies. True, in close combat, they are easily demolished by the lunar and grenade launchers.
Yarmarkniki are considered a simple fighting unit. They have the optimal parameters for the army – speed, power, protection. And the cost of yarometnikov pleasantly pleases. But only to hire them will have a lot, because only the crowd will be able to demolish an opponent.
The spoilers are a better level than the yarometnikov in terms of protection and strength, but the speed of attack and running is worse for them. Therefore, it is better not to use them for a quick attack, but to hold for special moments when you need to tank.

New online games
Ubimagi have the ability to call assistants. In their essence, they are the loudspeakers with lower parameters, but in large quantities they exceed them. Even the kills have a stun spell – it deals damage to the enemy. Several such units must necessarily be present on the battlefield.
Inhabitants of deserted lands are the most expensive combat units, but also the slowest. The inhibition is compensated by excellent health and powerful damage. At the first collision with these giants, it is better to use a bundle of a pair of yarometnikov and several archers. While the infantry of melee distracts the monster, the arrows will quickly destroy it. Any other tactics will be doomed to failure, because the “inhabitants” will break through the defense and quickly demolish the statue.

Summing up

Stick War Legacy – an excellent strategy with a sufficient selection of troops, interesting levels and a thoughtful system of pumping. Ideas developers implemented competently, optimization deserves praise.

On the Internet, there are common hacked versions with cheats and mods. Anyone can download them. The hacked game gives the gamer a lot of money – unlimited gold reserves, ensuring maximum pumping and allowing you to forget about the economy. For lovers of fierce confrontations is the thing. But fans of the genre hacked Stick War Legacy will not appreciate.

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